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Do you know how blue light damages your eyes, brain and hormones?

Do you spend time in front of your phone or computer screen?

If so, your eyes are exposed to artificial blue light which damages your eyesight and leads to cataracts. By wearing EyeShield blue blocking glasses regularly, this effect will not occur.

Do you sleep badly and you lack energy?

Artificial blue light causes sleep problems, worsening brain regeneration and well-being the next day. It will change with EyeShield blue blocking glasses!

Do you have problems with concentration and motivation?

Due to the constant contact with blue light, you are distracted by everything, it is hard to concentrate and you lack motivation to act. Thanks to the EyeShield blue light blocking glasses, concentration and motivation will return!

Blue light blocking glasses for your eyes

Evolutionary human brain has not had time to get used to the artificial blue light that is emitted by telephones, monitors, televisions, LEDs and lighting. Artificial light makes it difficult to calm down the body and prepare the mind for proper sleep and regeneration.

This leads to worse work of the brain and poor regeneration, which may have irreversible consequences in the long term. Therefore, 4 hours before bedtime, wear EyeShield glasses that block blue light in the NightShield version and during the day in the DayShield version. Protect your eyes, sleep better and have more energy!

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DayShield – Day time glasses

EyeShield Family

Thanks to the blue light blocking glasses from EyeShield, my sleep has taken a new level!

Thanks to this, I can regenerate even better, and regeneration is one of the most important issues for athletes. I recommend it with a clear conscience!

Joanna Jędrzejczyk
UFC Champion & Polish Champion in Thai boxing

For several years I have been sleeping worse and worse. Not only did I go to bed later and later, I woke up to the toilet 3-5 times, I also got up like a zombie ...

I knew Sebastian, the owner of EyeShield, because he helped me achieve amazing results on the keto diet - so I asked him about sleep. Thought he might have a solution to my problems, he told me then about blue light blocking glasses. Even though at the beginning I laughed that the orange glasses are some kind of voodoo, after the first few days I felt a huge difference in the quality of my sleep. Beautiful thing, thank you EyeShield!

Filip Kowarski
Investor and entrepreneur

As a psychologist specializing in a holistic approach, I consider not only the mind ... but also the body.

When working on mental balance, I always pay attention to implementing health habits. The attitude of caring for health, which also supports the functioning of our psyche, is SLEEP. I recommend using EyeShield blue light blocking glasses, which give a feeling of calmness from my observations. Glasses help prepare the body for regenerative sleep. They are part of the evening routine, preparing the nervous system for rest.

Paulina Danielak
Psychologist and Psychotherapist

Working intensively on ongoing projects literally sucked all my energy out of me. For many years I have been looking for a way to sleep better.

I knew that proper regeneration is the key to the high productivity I need every day. Initially, I was skeptical about EyeShield glasses. Everything changed when I first put them on. I perfectly remember this feeling of peace and relaxation after a few hours of use. Waking up in the morning I felt that my body had regenerated much better despite the fact that I slept the same amount of time as usual. Currently, I cannot imagine a day without wearing EyeShield blue blocking glasses. They have become a permanent fixture on my biohacking list. Thanks to EyeShield and Sebastian for raising my productivity a few levels higher with his product.

Daniel Jankowski
Entrepreneur and Investor

You will spend 3,500 hours this year looking at the screens

Look stylish during this time, sleep better and have more energy to act with EyeShield blue light filter glasses!

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