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EyeShield CEO Sebastian Kilichowski had the pleasure to appear as an expert on Anna Lewandowska’s blog in the “Road to Health” series. In the article, you can learn, among others, what happens when we do not sleep well, what are the problems with sleep, what is the effect of light on sleep, what is the circadian rhythm and what to do to sleep better.

Forbes became interested in the topic of the influence of blue light on the human body, which resulted in an interview with the creator of EyeShield, Sebastian Kilichowski, which appeared in the October 2020. The more you know about light and its impact on human physiology, the better you will be able to do better. decisions about you and your loved ones’ health.

We have been awarded by the Polish Businesswoman Awards, a competition organized for the world of successful women. Our product in the form of glasses with the EyeShield blue light filter brings great value to business women by improving their regeneration and energy levels so that they are ready for new challenges.

The winners of the Healthy Brand of the Year title are the best brands on the product and service market, leaders in their industries, carefully selected by outstanding specialists and appreciated by consumers. As winners of the Healthy Brand of the Year award, we confirm that our products and services are of the highest quality, introducing innovative solutions, putting health, reliability and consumer trust in the first place. The companies awarded with the Healthy Brand of the Year title are companies for which the customer is the most important – his health, comfort, safety and satisfaction. The solutions offered by the Laureates of the Healthy Brand of the Year meet the highest standards.

During the largest fitness fair in Poland, FIWE, we won first place in the 2020 innovation competition. Our EyeShield blue light blocking glasses have been awarded as a product that brings innovative and unique value to the fitness and wellness industry.

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