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The DayTorch is a manifestation of healthy lighting in the form of energy-saving LED bulbs with a standard E27 thread, which do not contain blue light and the flickering effect. Thanks to this, it is a much healthier alternative because it does not tire our brain and does not change the circadian rhythm.

The DayTorch bulb emits a warm, pleasant orange light and can be used almost anywhere at home or at work. Changing the classic lighting to DayTorch will calm our body by lowering the level of the stress hormone cortisol. If you want to take care of your circadian rhythm and regeneration even better, we recommend the NightTorch series bulb.

Do you know how blue light damages your eyes, brain and hormones?

Okulary blokujące niebieskie światło sklep internetowy

Do you spend time in front of your phone or computer screen?

If so, your eyes are exposed to artificial blue light which damages your eyesight and leads to cataracts. By wearing EyeShield blue blocking glasses regularly, this effect will not occur.

okulary blokujące niebieskie światło sklep internetowy

Do you sleep badly and you lack energy?

Artificial blue light causes sleep problems, worsening brain regeneration and well-being the next day. It will change with EyeShield blue blocking glasses!

okulary blokujące niebieskie światło sklep internetowy

Do you have problems with concentration and motivation?

Due to the constant contact with blue light, you are distracted by everything, it is hard to concentrate and you lack motivation to act. Thanks to the EyeShield blue light blocking glasses, concentration and motivation will return!

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