Our great mission is to educate the public about the impact of light on health and to provide effective protection against blue light. This is how EyeShield was created.

The creator of the brand, Sebastian Kilichowski, working as a roboticist in a car manufacturer business in Sweden, experienced firsthand how artificial light from lamps disturbed his health and energy levels. He did extensive research and it turned out that there is a lot of data confirming that light is the most powerful regulator of the circadian rhythm with which every living organism is connected. He realized that each of us deserves to find out how much light affects us and began his mission by establishing EyeShield.

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Oferta dla firm

This is how we started our activity in May 2019, offering our flagship product - NightShield version of blue light blocking glasses, which is the most effective protection on the market. We got a lot of positive comments about how the glasses improved sleep, energy levels and reduced the feeling of eye strain. The EyeShield was getting louder and louder.

As the glasses in the NightShield version are only put on 4 hours before going to bed, people started to write to us that it would be useful to have protection also during the day when working in front of the computer and artificial lighting. This inspired us to introduce the second version of blue light blocking glasses for the day - DayShield. We were working on technology and in this way, on our first birthday in May 2020, the DayShield premiered, glasses that block 40% of blue light and are dedicated to be worn during the day indoors.

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Positive opinions started to flow to us about the new product and its pro-health impact on reducing overstimulation from working in artificial light. People who had NightShield and DayShield wrote that the glasses made a big difference to their quality of life. It made us sure that the mission we had chosen was right and needed.

We are currently working on introducing new products related to the regulation of the circadian rhythm and improving the current solutions. We want to enter foreign markets so that the whole world learns about light and about Poland. Here, where it all began.

We invite you to travel together and spread with us the idea of creating a technological utopia, where technology does not harm and can be used safely. Join the revolution and tell the people you care about the light and the circadian rhythm. Give them a new perspective and make their lives better. They deserve it. Together, we have greater strength and we are able to really change the world.

Thank you for your trust. If it weren't for you, we wouldn't be here.

Thank you for being with us!

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