NightShield vs DayShield Comparison

kevlar okulary do pracy na komputerze na noc ochrona oczu


  • block 100% blue light and most green light are the best protection against artificial light on the market
  • orange color
  • the main purpose of their use is to reduce the impact of blue light on the body and eyes in the evening
  • effects that can be obtained: improvement of sleep, regeneration, energy levels during the day, reduction of eye strain
  • we recommend using them after sunset or 4 hours before bedtime
  • we do not recommend using them all day long, we need blue light in a certain amount during the day
  • not recommended while driving a car
kevlar okulary do pracy na komputerze na noc ochrona oczu


  • block about 40% of blue light in the 455nm range, which is 3-30 times more than other glasses on the market
  • transparent with a delicate tint
  • the main purpose of their use is to reduce the impact of blue light on the body and eyes during the day while being indoors
  • effects that can be obtained: reduction of chronic overstimulation, brain fogu (brain fog), more energy during the day, less fatigue after working at the computer, reduction of eye strain
  • we recommend using them indoors during the day, i.e. when working in the office in front of a computer, while watching TV, while staying in a room with artificial light
  • you can drive a car in them
  • we do not recommend using them outdoors
  • they are not sufficient protection after sunset or 4 hours before going to bed - then it is worth having NightShield


We usually choose a specific type of glasses (DayShield or NightShield) depending on our lifestyle. If you work in front of a computer, e.g. from 8 a.m. to 5 p.m., and then you cut yourself off from the computer, telephone and other similar devices, it is worth choosing the DayShield version.

Unfortunately, the specificity of the times we live in means that often, after many hours of work, we are still exposed to the excessive influence of blue light. If you do not cut yourself off from devices or artificial lighting after work, we strongly recommend buying glasses in the NightShield version.

More about the DayShield vs NightShield comparison you can find here: Quiz

Of course. Children are particularly exposed to dangers resulting from the excess of blue light. We offer frames for children 1-6 years old - Adamantium or Szafir model, or for children 7-12 years old - Aviator Kids model.

Our glasses have lenses made of polymer, which makes them durable and very light.


Yes! When entering our shop with the selected model of glasses, select the "prescription" option. To make blue light blocking glasses, we will need visual defect data such as: Sphere value (SPH / Sphere), Cylinder value (CYL / cylinder), axis (AXS), pupil distance (PD).

It may be that your prescription will not contain all these values, each eye defect is different and does not necessarily include a sphere, cylinder or axis.

If you have an extract or a prescription from an optician's eye test older than 3-4 months ago, we recommend repeating the test to get the current parameters.

At the moment, this is not possible. However, we are working on this option.

It is possible to order corrective glasses with a defect of +/- 6 or more, but the lenses will be quite thick. At the moment, we are not able to make thinner lenses. The price is + USD44 /EUR36 to the price of zero-grades provided on the store: Shop

Yes, we make prescription glasses adapted to each eye defect, including those for astigmatics, except for progressive glasses. To order prescription glasses, enter the selected model and check the "prescription" option in the "lens type" field.


We ship glasses all over the world. The cost of shipping by UPS courier in Europe is PLN USD10-21/EUR8-18, in the case of America, Australia or Africa it costs between USD34-40/EUR29-34.

We make each pair of glasses by hand, so the waiting time is 8-12 working days from the day the order is paid.

Up to 4 weeks for prescription glasses.


Yes, both the NightShield and DayShield glasses block 100% of UV rays.

Wearing EyeShield non-prescription does not deteriorate your eyesight, and even protects them, because excess of artificial blue light has a negative effect on eyesight. By wearing EyeShield glasses, you counteract this. The same goes for the orange color.

The blue light-blocking coating does not wear out, so EyeShield glasses can be used with confidence all the time.

Glasses with a blue light filter or regular anti-reflective coating that are 100% transparent will not effectively protect against blue light. The vast majority of glasses available on the market block blue light in the 380-420nm range, while electronics: computer, telephone, TV, LED lighting mainly emit blue light in the 435-500nm range with a peak value at 450nm.

Our DayShield glasses block 40% of blue light in the 450nm range and the NightShield version 100% blue light in the entire range, which makes our technology the most effective solution on the market.


We have online fitting rooms, where you can online try on glasses, just choose any model of glasses and click the ONLINE TRY ON button.


Yes, this option is available here: LINK DO ANGIELSKIEJ STRONY KARTY PODARUNKOWEJ We will send the gift card in pdf format to your e-mail.

We do not produce covers for glasses, but we are able to make prescription glasses that block blue light adapted to the eyesight defect or fit the lenses into your favorite frames.

Yes, for the NightShield version go here:

For the DayShield version here:


Yes, we provide a satisfaction guarantee and up to 30 days from the date of receipt of the non-prescription glasses, you can easily return or replace them. Prescription glasses are an exception - they are not exchangeable / refundable. If you want to return / exchange glasses, go here: Returns and complaints

We do not repair glasses, but we can transfer the glasses to new frames. More information here: Frame repair


At the moment there is no such possibility.

Yes, when placing an order, there will be a field to enter the data to be invoiced.

Yes, it is possible to pay in euros or dollars.