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Do you run a company and you care about the health and productivity of your employees? The excess of blue light reduces the dopamine hormone, which is responsible for the willingness to act, problem-solving, as well as mindfulness and focus.

When we spend too much time in front of artificial light or computers, dopamine levels drop drastically.

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The decrease in dopamine from too much exposure to artificial light causes that:

  • Employees work less efficiently, which increases the cost of their work

    The efficiency of employees depends largely on their energy level and willingness to work.

  • Reduces the profitability and revenues of the company

    The profitability of the company largely depends on the efficiency of work, the smaller the worse the financial results.

  • Employees are less creative

    KCreativity is needed to achieve complex goals and stand out from the crowd.

  • Difficult to solve complex problems

    When an employee is low in dopamine, it becomes more difficult for him to see a solution, especially to a complex problem.

  • Stressed more often

    People who spend a lot of time in front of artificial screens are more prone to stress and irritation.

  • They are more often pissed off at work, colleagues and clients

    Headaches and eye aches from the excess of artificial light affect coping with stress, which affects relationships at work and with clients.

You can protect your employees and yourself from this and increase your profitability by using EyeShield blue light blocking glasses.


  • Increased employee productivity and creativity
  • Employees are better able to solve complex problems
  • Better team morale
  • Employees are more resistant to stress
  • Increasing the company's prestige
  • Increasing the company's innovation
  • The most effective blue light blocking glasses on the market


  • Prestigious blue light blocking glasses in beautiful frames
  • Getting rid of tired, dry eyes
  • Greater productivity and less fatigue
  • Better morale
  • Greater resistance to stress
  • 10% discount on glasses


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  • The minimum order is 5 glasses
  • Possibility of financing from the Social Fund
Feel free to contact wspolpraca@eyeshield.com