5 reasons to wear blue light blocking glasses

5 powodów, dla których warto nosić okulary blokujące światło niebieskie
Autor: EyeShield Dodano: 21 lutego 2021

Are you looking for a solution that will help you forget about sleep problems, concentration or irritability? Or maybe you take care of your health and do your best to prevent them in time instead of struggling with civilization diseases in the future? Blue blocking glasses can help you do all of this. Are you thinking about buying them? Discover all their advantages!

What’s with the blue light?

Where do the problems you read below come from? Under natural conditions, blue light would reach your eyes primarily between sunrise and sunset. In practice, in Europe, during the winter it is only a few hours – even around 8: 00-15: 30 (you can check it, for example, at https://meteogram.org/sun/. It is this light that, as it enters the retina of your eye, regulates your biological clock. He, in turn, sets the times for the production of melatonin and cortisol that either stimulate you or put you to sleep.

Unfortunately, your life is probably far from the original. A huge amount of blue light “attacks” you every day long after dark. You see them on the screens of laptops, televisions and phones. It reaches you from illuminated billboards, bright light bulbs at work and even street lamps. Your biological clock is going crazy – sometimes information about the planned sleep reaches him at 21, and sometimes at 2 am. This leads to problems with falling asleep, pain in the eyes, as well as dangerous, often incurable diseases, such as: diabetes, abnormal heart and thyroid gland, decreased fertility and depression.

Shutting off the blue light when the sun is not in the sky will help you recreate the conditions in which your organs work and regenerate best. Well-chosen blue blocker glasses that will not give him access to your eyes are one of the best gifts you can give your body. Why?

1. Better, regular sleep and falling asleep quickly

Problems with falling asleep and tiring waking up at night are perhaps the most common reasons people buy blue-light blocking glasses. Only when it stops reaching your eyes does your body begin to release melatonin, a hormone that gradually prepares you for sleep. For example, when you look at the TV screen after sunset, you block this process and force your organs to work too hard (due to cortisol). If, in similar situations, good-quality orange glasses stand between your eyes and objects emitting blue light, you will start to fall asleep faster and faster.

Lenses that block about 40% of high energy light are also of great importance. Wear them throughout the day and it will only have a healthy effect on your body. It will bring you even closer to the natural circadian cycle – the body refreshed during the day will fall into a blissful sleep even faster.

2. Healthy eyes

Are you working at a computer, in a hall, in a shopping mall or in any other place where the light does not let you rest? If your eyes have not yet begun to rebel against it, it will likely happen soon. You need to know that how much blue light reaches your retinas with this lifestyle has nothing to do with how much of the sun would reach them.

The first effects of their exhaustion seem harmless and even affect children. It starts with sore and dry eyes – do you know that? Then you get clearer and clearer signals that something is wrong: you are accompanied by migraines and chronic fatigue. If you respond to them, you will be on your way to progressive cataracts, retinal damage and macular degeneration. Remember that your eyes are a treasure worth caring for. If there is a lot of blue light in your life (and this can even be the case when you are working outdoors, for example with a smartphone), be sure to wear blue light blocking glasses designed for both night and day wear.

3. A healthier body

Your organs are strong and they can hide for years that they are no longer able to cope with your lifestyle. Each of them, however, has its own threshold beyond which it is not able to function properly. As human evolution does not keep up with technology, your body is unable to cope with as much blue light as it receives every day, not allowing it even a moment of rest.

This may lead to this:

  • liver diseases that do not cleanse properly during sleep,
  • irregular secretion of satiety and hunger hormones, leading to nervousness and even eating disorders or being overweight,
  • insulin resistance and diabetes, due to disturbance of blood sugar regulation,
  • heart disease that functions under constant stress,
  • hormonal problems – from thyroid failure to reduced fertility,
  • mental disorders and diseases, e.g. depression, due to lack of rest and regeneration of the brain.

Wear blue blocking glasses that will protect your body from excess blue light and you will reduce the risk of developing these diseases.

4. More peace of mind, less irritation

Whether and how you let your brain regenerate depends on whether it will serve you well. If you feel tense or nervous quickly, it is possible that your mind is not resting well enough. You should also see a “red light” when you quickly lose concentration, achieve significantly worse results at work, and your efficiency drops. Short-term memory loss is also a serious symptom of abnormal brain function.

Of course, it’s always a good idea to see a doctor and discuss your concerns with them. However, it is known that such disturbances are also influenced by blue light seen after dark, which then disturbs the natural production of melatonin. By wearing blue blocker glasses, you will make sure that your brain is well prepared for sleep, it can easily fall into the REM phase and work for you from morning to evening without any problems.

5. Better quality of life and increased immunity

Constant fatigue, irritability, insomnia, pain in the eyes, muscles and head, and even diseases of the body and soul. It doesn’t sound like a dream, does it? Unfortunately, you cannot expect your full mental and physical strength when you are “at full speed” almost 24 hours a day. It can be different if your entire body starts to work at its own pace and the signals your eyes are giving to your biological clock are clear and repeatable. A well-rested body is also more resistant to stress and disease.

People who decided to buy blue light blocking glasses, among the advantages of wearing them, most often mention the general improvement in well-being and more peace in life.

Excess high-energy light can significantly hinder your personal and professional success. Take control of what goes into your eyes and you will quickly feel the difference. Good luck!